Survivors and Rescuers
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Leonid Serebriakov
Fenia Kleiman
Mikhail Felíberg
Mikhail Rossinskii
Iurii Pinchuk
Mariia Zanvelevich
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Mariia Golídberg
Evgenia Podolskaia
Polina Belískaia
Tsilia Shport
Irina Maksimova
Mariia Egorycheva-Glagoleva

Mikhail Rossinskii

Born in 1926, in Pliskov, in the former Soviet Union (now Ukraine), Mikhail lost his mother, a brother, and a sister to a mass execution in the Pliskov ghetto in October 1941.
He managed to escape from the execution site and spent six months in hiding.
Later reunited with his father, Mikhail joined the Soviet partisans.
During one of the partisan sallies, he was arrested and deported to the Pechora concentration camp.
He escaped from the camp in 1943 and returned to the partisan unit.
Together with his father, Mikhail fled east from the Nazi-occupied territory to the liberated city of Kharkov.

"When I came to, I started looking for my friend. His tree had been ripped up from the roots. All that was left of him was a few pieces of flesh hanging from the tree. Thatís when I got wise. Thatís when I understood what war is. Right then and there I grew up."
M. Rossinskii
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