Survivors and Rescuers
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Evgenia Podolskaia
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Irina Maksimova
Mariia Egorycheva-Glagoleva

Evgenia Podolskaia

Born in Domanevka, in the former Soviet Union (now Ukraine), in 1924, Evgenia grew up with her parents, two sisters, and brother. As the Germans were approaching Domanevka in 1941, she tried to flee east with her mother and sisters. Unsuccessful, they returned home and were soon deported to the village of Vradievka. On September 25, 1941, Evgeniaís parents were killed during a mass execution. Evgenia survived the shooting, unaware that both her sisters were also alive. Evgenia fled from Vradievka posing as a non-Jew. She wandered through Ukrainian villages, working for food and suffering from hunger and malnutrition. In 1944, Evgenia was liberated by the Soviet army in Koshary, in the Odessa region. She was reunited with her sisters shortly after liberation. Evgeniaís brother was killed on the front in Smolensk.

"Many years have passed since then, but every memory hurts. It is the pain of memory."
"Germans, all dressed in black, surrounded us. They had a skull on their helmets. We heard it meant they were from the execution squads."
"I could see his huge boots right near me in the grass, right by my nose, right by my head. I tried to be quiet, as if I was dead Ö"
E. Podolskaia

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