Survivors and Rescuers
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Iurii Pinchuk
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Tsilia Shport
Irina Maksimova
Mariia Egorycheva-Glagoleva

Iurii Pinchuk

Born in Shpola, in the former Soviet Union (now Ukraine), in 1930, Iurii was raised by his maternal grandparents after his parents divorced when he was three years old. Upon the German invasion of Shpola in 1941, Iurii’s family home was taken over by the German administration, and the family was forced into a local ghetto.
In 1942, all Jews remaining in the Shpola ghetto were marched to a concentration camp in Dar’evka where they were executed a few days after their arrival. Iurii managed to escape shortly before the execution, but his mother, two half-siblings, and a grandmother were killed. Iurii lived under false identity with his stepmother, Ksenia Pinchuk, in Cherkassy, until the territory was liberated by the Soviet army in early 1944.


"It was very windy, and there were some papers flying about… And the wind was carrying these papers, newspapers, and the Germans were driving through."
"A young man came up to us. I remember him well. He was skinny and had a thin neck and big ears that stuck out. He said, “Give me a piece of this fabric.”
She asked why. He said, “I want to hang myself...”
I. Pinchuk

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